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Beach Bar - Put the lime in the coconut and mix it all up! Super strong nice blend of coconut and lime.

Butt Naked - Our #1 best seller, is it the name? Or the scent? We aren’t sure but it’s our best seller! A hint of peach, clean and fruity.

Cantaloupe - This is one true to the name scent, it’s a very sweet, ripe cantaloupe.

Cherry Cream - A nice blend of sweet black cherries and vanilla.

Drunken Parrot - A tropical blend of mango, pineapple and coconut inspired by Brandy’s cockatoo. (He sounds a little drunk when he talks!)

French Vanilla Pear - Sweet and warm smell of pear and vanilla.

Girls Night Out - Pop the cork! It’s time for a party! This scent smells of a nice, fruity champagne.

Jewel of the Night - Pomegranate tones down the huckleberry in this nice fruity scent.

Kumquat - Just like the small orange fruit with such powerful flavor! Sweet and sour makes this the perfect clean citrus.

Lemon Lime - The lemon with this lime is the perfect spring cleaning scent! Strong but not over powering. It is sure to make you feel like your house has never been this clean!

Lime Blossom - Citrus and sweet like you just sliced open a lime and squeezed it!

Macintosh Peach - A lot of peach and a little bit of Macintosh apple. This is a strong scent and not like a fake peach potpourri a real true peach.

Mahalo - Thank you to the customer who asked for this scent, it’s been a great seller! A combination of pomegranate and butt naked.

Mango Papaya - Slice open the mango and smell that sweet smell. This is a good one for the kitchen or bathroom.

Mystere - Black Raspberry and vanilla. A mysterious scent, you wouldn’t guess unless you already knew what was in it.

Paradise - Some call it ‘Bird of Paradise’ like the flower. To those who work here it smells like strawberry, cherry and vanilla. A very nice aroma.

Pineapple - Stop here! This is the best pineapple you will ever experience! Take a knife and slice the pineapple right down the middle. nom nom Juicy Juicy!

Pomegranate - We’re not sure a pomegranate has an actual smell, but some also call this ambrosia, like the fruit salad.

Spiced Apple - Great at Christmas, great in the fall if you love apple and cinnamon. Spiced Apple is just a great scent any time of year!

Spiced Cranberry - Better than normal cranberry, this is more like a spiced cranberry relish. One of the original scents of The Candle Café

Strawberry Cheesecake - A super strong strawberry with the delicious scent of cheesecake. One of Brandy’s favorites!

Strawberries n’ Cream - Put some ice cream in a blender, add a bunch of fresh strawberries and make a milkshake. Paul’s favorite strawberry!

Summer Lovin’ - Cantaloupe, pineapple and vanilla. If this were a smoothie we would be gaining some weight. Smells soooo good!

Tropical Burst - Unwrap a starburst and pop it in your mouth. Savory peach and pineapple.

Warm Vanilla Coconut - Warm vanilla with a hint of fresh coconut. A classy ladies favorite.

You will love every scent at The Candle Cafe!

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