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April Fresh - Smells like pink downy laundry softener. A sure way to make them think you’ve been working hard.

Baby Powder - That sweet smell of freshly washed baby all lotioned and powdered. Awe, this scent brings out the warm fuzzy feelings in us all.

Clean Cotton - A best seller in the store. Momma's freshly ironing all the linen's, spring is in the air.

English Ivy - The only way to describe this scent is lovely. Greenery undertones with a light sweet softner.

Eucalyptus - You won’t need more than one of these power house candles! It’s lacking the tree feel to it but the greenery folks love it anyway.

French Market - A strong gardenia base with that laid back New Orleans spice. It’s well known to do 2500 sq. ft!Honeysuckle - Reminds us of summer night walks when the flowers start blooming. Pluck off a flower and taste that nectar. Who hasn't?Jasmine - Another one of those fresh spring flowers. It’s a heavy saturation of the air.Lavender- Popular with our English friends. It’s used for relaxation and numerous aromatherapies.Rose Garden - A very true scent. Just as if you were standing in the rose garden, eyes closed, and taking in a deep breath. It’s beautiful.

Smoke Eliminator - We have customers who really swear by this scent. It has a fresh hint of citrus and floral.

Soul Mate - A relaxing fragrance of lavender mixed with vanilla for sweetness. It’s a romantic fragrance. Take a bath.

You will love every scent at The Candle Café!

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