Cinnamons, Vanillas & Unusuals

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Blue Suede Shoes - How can it get any better? This clean leather is sure to knock your socks off! Now you can keep the clean house smell with the smell of new leather furniture!

Christmas Thyme - Hints of bayberry, cinnamon and spice. This is a very nice smell. Perfect for an evening with the Christmas lights on and a fire in the hearth.

Cinilla - Cinnamon and vanilla a perfect match for a comforting scent in your home.

Cinnamon Surprise - Take red hot cinnamon and add some sweet sugar to it. It’s a surprise how good this smells!

Kandy Kisses- Peppermint and vanilla. This little powerhouse can really fill a room.

Harvest Time- Spices and clove. Reminds us of big red gum with clove.

Leather- Like working in a saddle shop or getting a brand new car with leather seats. This is the best Leather we’ve ever found.

Leather n’ Lace- Leather bound to vanilla softens that hard leather scent. It’s very soothing.

Old Fashioned Christmas - A hint of orange, Spruce, cinnamon, and apple. Feels like you just walked into a Christmas store!

Red Hot Cinnamon - Little Red hot candies that tend to get to hot if you put to many in your mouth.

Stuffy Noses- A great scent to use when you are sick with a cold. Smells of Vicks vapor rub and we sell a lot of it in the winter.

Texas Heat- A customer’s blend of Leather and Cinnamon. Who knew it would smell so good!

Vanilla Silk - Brandy's favorite vanilla. It's very strong, sweet, and delicious. Look no more, this is the best vanilla you will ever find. No need to light two. One will do the trick!

You will love every scent at The Candle Café!

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