Brandy Sanders

Here’s a little bit about who I am and where I’ve come from.I grew up in Lubbock, TX and moved to Midland my Junior year in high school. I went to Robert E. Lee  and acquired a cosmetology license and diploma. College didn’t seem to be my thing and I gave it up after a year.

I met my husband Paul in October of 1992 and we married 4 months later. He was “the one” and still is. Paul has worked for Charles Terry Construction for 21 years now. If you are in need of a roof  or a metal building, this is your guy!


We had our first child Charles “Daegan” in November of 1993.It’s hard to believe he will be 20 this year. I just don’t feel old enough for that to be true. Daegan graduated a year early from Midland High in 2011 at 17 and chose to head off to The United States Marine Corp. He makes us very proud to be his parents. He is the kid who always tried things nobody else would. We miss him here at home but we know he is doing something only THE FEW THE PROUD do. Semper Fi son.


Courtney came along in 1995. She is a Senior this year! I’m really not ready for the second one to leave home but she is determined to do that. You might know Courtney from the store as she is there often and has always been a great helper for me there. When the crew is short handed, Courtney comes to my rescue. She has learned this store inside and out and can run it just like her Momma.  Courtney plays the violin in the MHS Orchestra! I’m really proud of this young woman. She will do well in life and has big goals.


I can’t wait to see where life takes her.  I’ll miss her terriblywhen she starts her own book in life. She has a spunky spirit and brings laughter and cheer everywhere she goes.

Noah was our surprise child. God’s sense of good humor. He came along in 2005 ten years after Courtney. We medically were not supposed to be able to have more children. What a blessing he is. He brings humor daily and is happy to tag along where ever I go. You may have seen this little red head at the store as he was raised there and many of you went through his pregnancy with me. Noah goes to school at Midland Christian and he will be in 2nd grade this year. Wow how time flies! You probably have seen Noah in the Charles Terry Construction commercials. He enjoys hanging out with his Dad and loves his PawPaw like no other, unless Nana is around then you can forget everyone else.


I started The Candle Cafe out of my home in 1999 and it has now way surpassed my expectations. I am very privileged to have the customer support and family that I do. I really love that little place and it has become an extension of my personality. It’s a lot of work, but it’s a lot of fun. Thanks for stopping by and reading about my life here! Here’s to many more years serving the Permian Basin!